Focaccia of Chieri
The focaccia is a sweet bread product, typical of Chieri, with its own unique flavour. Made of simple, honest ingredients, such as flour, milk, butter, sugar and egg, the focaccia of Chieri smells and tastes delicious. It is eaten especially at the end of a meal, and tastes even better if accompanied by local Freisa wine.
The Baci of Chieri
The “Baci Chieresi” (Chieri kisses) and “Genzianelle” (Gentian flowers) are delicious little creme-filled chocolates, that manage to pass on the image of a city full of promises to anyone who receives them.
The Umbertini
“Umbertini” are tasty, soft macaroons, flavoured with orange blossom, that trace their history back to Prince Umberto of Savoy.
The Brut e Bun
Another typical, local sweet product is the “Brut e Bun” (The Ugly and the Good). These are based on hazelnuts and reflect the sober yet delicate tastes of the people of Chieri.