Every corner
brings a surprise

A city full of interest, owing to its rich heritage in terms of history and art, environment and wine and food.

Surprises for your eyes, mind and palate.

Art and culture

In the ancient streets, known as “chiocciola”, in the old city centre, mediaeval and baroque stand side by side in rare harmony.

The area

Chieri is an excellent starting point from which to discover the other parts of Piedmont, from Turin to the Langhe, passing through the countryside of Asti.

Don Bosco

An itinerary through the streets and squares of the old centre of Chieri, a city which played an important role in the education of the young Giovanni Bosco.

Hospitality and products

The best that local tourism can offer, chosen for you. Take a guided tour around the restaurants and hospitality points to make the most of your stay.

Events and news

Dates and events in and around Chieri.


Every corner brings a surprise. And at every moment.


Ogni giorno, una sorpresa

Estate in Corte 2024

Dal 15 luglio al 14 settembre

Roads of Colours and Flavours

A project created to appreciate the hills to the South of Turin extending into the plain.

The Don Bosco Route

From Turin to Don Bosco Hill: three itineraries through the hills of Turin, Lake Arignano and the countryside around Chieri.