Palazzo Valfrè
This building, dating back to the 14th century, is one of the Gothic buildings in Chieri that has best retained its character as a patrician residence from the late mediaeval period. In recent times the entrance doorway has been connected directly to the street, so the portico has been closed, resulting in the whole façade being extended and altered. In the part standing behind the right wing, a twin-arch loggia can still be seen.
Palazzo Mercadillo
This was built just before 1400 by the well-known Chieri family of “De Albergo” and gave its name to the market square. Later it became the premises of the St. Anna nursery and elementary school.
Palazzo Opesso
This stately building was constructed in the XIVth century, sited in a prominent position on Piazza Mazzini, at the start of Via S. Giorgio. It is made up of two main structures each three stories high laid out in an L shape, which border two sides of a courtyard, while the other two sides are bordered by smaller buildings of the same complex. At the end of the 1700s it was converted into a prison. Today it is used as a centre for important exhibitions.
Palazzo Buschetti
Also known as “The mediaeval”, it was constructed in 1400 by the Buschetti family, on the site of a previous building in the shelter of a stretch of the second circle of the city wall, close to one of the gateways. Close observation of the façades reveals three different kinds of cornices decorating the mullioned windows. On the façade overlooking Via Garibaldi, a large breached wall can be seen, which was part of the second circle of the city wall, on which the building was erected. An octagonal tower can also be seen, which is apparently of a later date and must originally have been a stair tower.