Don Bosco Visitors’ Centre

Information centre with documents of the figure of the Saint who lived his early, formative years in Chieri.

Don Bosco Itinerary

This passes through the streets of the old town centre of Chieri and recounts episodes and personalities from the life of the Saint.

Viale Fiume

An episode which took place in 1835, when John Bosco, as a student, was challenged by an acrobat.

Vicolo Valimberti

Michele Cavallo, a baker, gave accommodation to Don Bosco in a corner of his stable, located in vicolo Valimberti.

Piazza Cavour

The “Società dell’Allegria” (Cheerfulness Society), founded by John Bosco and his friends.

Via Palazzo di Città

The barkeeper of Caffè Pianta offered John Bosco a job as a bar help.

Via Vittorio Emanuele

John Bosco attended the state schools of the college of Chieri from 1831 to 1835.

Piazza Mazzini

Here John Bosco, as a young student, spent his free time among the planks, hammers and nails of the workshop.

Piazza Mazzini

Between these walls John Bosco made his first experiences as an educator, giving remedial lessons to the son of his host.

Archbishops’ Seminary and Church of Saint Philip

On 30 October 1835 John Bosco joined the seminary, here at the Archbishops’ Seminary.

Chieri Cathedral

For John Bosco, the Cathedral was his favourite among the many churches in the city.

Via della Pace

In spite of the prejudices of the time, John Bosco went to the ghetto (Via della Pace, 8) to give remedial lessons to students of his same age.

St Dominic’s Church

In St. Dominic’s Church on 8 June 1841 John Bosco held his third mass.

Casa Morano

On the site of the present building stood the house where Maddalena Caterina Morano was born, on 15 November 1847.