The state schools
John Bosco attended the state schools of the college of Chieri from 1831 to 1835. Even though he was sixteen, he was put into the preparatory classes for the High School. The teacher, Giuseppe Cima, a severe, disciplined man, asked, on seeing such a large pupil: “Either you are a large mole or a great talent. What have you got to say?” On hearing these words, John Bosco replied: “Half and half, this is a young lad who shows willing to do his duty and get on with his studies”. The teacher liked these words and he admitted: “If you show willing, you are in good hands, I will not leave you idle. Show spirit, and if you have difficulty, tell me at once and I shall resolve it”. In January 1832 he passed into the first class of High School and by March he was already in the second, while he passed into the third class at the end of the year.