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The Cathedral

Built on the orders of the Bishop of Turin around 1037 AD, it is one of the largest Piedmontese Gothic buildings.

L’arco di trionfo

A triumphal arch monument dating from the end of the 1500s can be admired from the square Piazza Umberto I.

The Jewish ghetto

The splendid ceiling frescoes and decorations of the lunettes above the windows are worth special attention.

St Dominic’s Church

Tradition has it that St. Dominic himself founded this church, when visiting the city in 1220.

St Leonard’s Church

Inside the Preceptory a cycle of frescoes from the mediaeval period illustrating the Passion of the Christ have been uncovered.

Mediaeval Palaces

It is no coincidence that Chieri was called the city of the hundred towers of the aristocratic families.

Baroque churches

The streets of the city centre are dotted with various churches, often in Baroque style.

The museum of weaving

As early as the 1400s, the craft of weaving was one of the main economic activities.

The city of weaving

Woven goods from Chieri have a centuries-old history, having started in the Middle Ages and become established over the following centuries.